Lujatalo Oy

Lujatalo Oy is a versatile building contractor with experience of the construction of residential, commercial and public buildings such as apartment buildings, shopping centres, business parks, schools and hospitals. Since 1970, Lujatalo has grown to be one of the most reputable construction companies in Finland. In addition to new construction, Lujatalo has long experience and holds the largest market share in building renovations. Lujatalo’s projects span across Finland from Rovaniemi to Helsinki with an average of 120 construction projects in progress every year.

Lujatalo’s team comprises over 1,000 professionals who take pride in delivering high quality in both new builds and building renovation projects. The team’s specialties include problem-solving skills, flexibility and attention to project management details such as cost effectiveness, quality and scheduling.

Property development at Lujatalo

Lujatalo offers a wide range of property development services and investment solutions from apartments and business parks to industrial space, shopping centres and hotels. Services to property owners also include conversion of empty office or factory space into profitable businesses such as residential apartments or nursing homes.
Lujatalo can carry out entire property development projects including, but not limited to, finding a building lot, zoning, architectural and technical design, application for permits, construction, finding tenants and organizing property and building management though a partner network.
Each property development project is unique and takes account of the needs and requirements of all interested stakeholders in order to produce profitable and efficient businesses or living spaces within the agreed time frame and budget. If necessary, Lujatalo can provide green building certification.

If you are interested in property development, investing in apartments individually or in a portfolio, free office space, or other property business opportunities in Finland, please contact our CEO Harri Savolainen, tel. +358 44 585 2715, e-mail: harri.savolainen@luja.fi

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Lujatalo develops and builds over 200 homes annually across Finland. Luja Home brand homes are well-designed, safe, and energy efficient with high quality materials and solutions for residential living. For property investors Lujatalo offers apartments individually or in a portfolio with or without tenants. A new apartment is a care-free and safe investment that offers a continuous annual income as well as the potential for an increase in value over time.


Office Buildings and Business Parks

Lujatalo can enable customers to enhance their businesses through inspiring and effective office space solutions. Lujatalo develops, constructs, sells and leases office buildings and business parks that meet the customer’s expectations for location, quality and profitability. One of the latest examples developed and built by Lujatalo is the Sola Business Valley building complex in Espoo, Finland.

Business premises

Lujatalo builds cost and energy-efficient business premises in the most optimal commercial locations for logistics, warehousing and industrial needs. Lujatalo is also an expert in designing and building business spaces and buildings for retail and services, ranging from shopping centres to nursing homes. Using a life cycle approach, building design, construction, operation and maintenance are integrated in order to achieve the most efficient use of materials and systems.