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Lujabetoni Oy provides solutions and services for the construction industry with an extensive product line of ready-mixed concrete and concrete products in Finland, as well as in the Stockholm region in Sweden.

As part of its comprehensive value-added services, Lujabetoni also offers structural design, installation, and overall on-site project management. Customer needs and the demanding Finnish climate conditions lie at the core of product development with the goal of offering homebuilders and construction companies the best materials and the easiest installation.

Lujabetoni is an expert in concrete construction for demanding environments

In the harsh Nordic climate, the quality and effectivenes of construction must be high. The Finnish climate with its extreme seasonal changes in temperature poses considerable challenges for the materials used in construction. Finland's four beautiful seasons with their very distinctive features have provided Lujabetoni with the kind of knowledge that has made the company a pioneer of concrete products and manufacturing technologies.

Concrete is such a traditional and widely used material that it can be regarded as a basic element of construction. Through its extensive research and development work, Lujabetoni has become a leading expert in this material, particularly within the fields of precast element systems and ready-mixed concrete. These products facilitate cost-effective construction of high quality, energy- efficient buildings that can withstand the pressures of a demanding climate.

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Lujabetoni offers interesting opportunities for international suppliers

As the leading company in international operations in the industry, Lujabetoni also offers interesting cooperation opportunities to its suppliers. All key materials are acquired from global markets. In many product groups, the acquisition volumes are considerable, even on an international scale.

In Finland, Lujabetoni has the majority market share in precast construction and the demand for precast products materials is increasing. The company is looking for cooperation and close partnerships with qualified and competitive suppliers.

If you are interested in cooperating with Lujabetoni, please contact Sourcing and Logistics Director Pekka Tiihonen, pekka.tiihonen@luja.fi

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Lujabetoni is looking for international business opportunities

Although it is not economically feasible to transport concrete over very long distances, Lujabetoni has also provided concrete solutions for the local export markets. The company is constantly on the lookout for business acquisitions or new cooperation opportunities.

Some of Lujabetoni’s international export projects over the years:
- Kostomuksha and Svetogorsk, extensive precast unit deliveries to the former Soviet Union
- Helsingborg, Sweden, precast unit deliveries for a Kemira plant
- Northern Sweden, ongoing pile deliveries to North Norway, LECA blocks
- Deliveries of column pedestals to Estonia, Sweden, Denmark and the UK.

If you have international business opportunities in mind and would like to discuss them with Lujabetoni, please contact CEO Mikko Isotalo, mikko.isotalo@luja.fi

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The CTL piling system saves plenty of construction time

Lujabetoni has developed world-class, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly technology for piling called CTL (cut-to-length). Using the CTL piling system, the sawing machine of the pile driver cuts the pile to exactly the right length and uses the remaining length of the pile for the next pile location. In other words, no materials are wasted and the work is quicker, since there is no need for slow and expensive pile cutting afterwards. The CLT piling system helps reduce costs as well as wasted materials and work.

We are continuously looking for export and other international business opportunities for our patented CTL piling system. For further information, please contact Vice President, Concrete Products, Tuomo Eilola, tuomo.eilola@luja.fi

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