The story of Luja

Luja was founded by Feliks Isotalo on 16 November, 1953. He had accumulated experience and expertise in concrete while previously acting as Managing Director and owner of a cement foundry in Nurmes, Finland. The new cement foundry, which was opened in Siilinjärvi, was not only built on its founder’s know-how but also on the extensive gravel and sand reserves in the region and the town’s excellent logistics location. Feliks Isotalo developed his enterprise with an ear for the customers’ needs and faith in his gut feeling. Lujabetoni soon found itself a pioneer and driving force for the entire industry.

Hard work

The 1970s were a golden era for construction. Feliks Isotalo decided to make use of his construction project experience and established a construction department at Lujabetoni.

Later, the department was incorporated and is now known as Lujatalo Oy. The company began with general construction and property development and started building residential apartments. The first apartment building, Luja-puisto, was completed in Siilinjärvi in 1970. Over the following decade, the company was among the first in Finland to launch a brand name for housing, Luja Home (Lujakoti).

After the 1970s’ boom in construction, the industry

began developing new production techniques by designing and coating concrete structures using a greater variety of techniques and colours. Lujabetoni also invested heavily in research and development. In 1984, Fescon Oy was established in order to continue this extensive research.  In the beginning, the product line mainly comprised concrete additives but was later expanded to include dry mortar, plasters and repair compounds, as well as coatings and paints for facades.

The 1980s and the 1990s were significant periods of growth for Lujabetoni, which expanded its industrial activities.

Concrete factories were purchased and established in multiple locations in Finland including Oulu, Loimaa, Joensuu, Varkaus, Hämeenlinna and Jyväskylä.

Today, Lujatalo is one of the largest companies in the industry and has been responsible for some of the largest construction projects in Finland such as Vuosaari Harbour and a EUR 123 million hospital project in Espoo.

In the early 2000s, Lujabetoni began manufacturing ready-mix concrete in Stockholm, Sweden, where it now has three concrete plants. The business operates under the name Lujabetong AB. In 2007, Lujabetoni acquired a ready-mix concrete plant in St. Petersburg, Russia and another two factories were built during the following year. Lujabetoni also extended its operations in Sweden by purchasing a concrete element factory in 2012 as a joint venture with YBT Oy.

With much effort and hard work, Luja has grown to be one of Finland’s largest corporations in the construction industry. Efficiency, constant improvement and respect for the customer are among the company’s core values​​. With these values and the motto “competent Finnish family business”, Luja will continue its success into the future. “competent Finnish family business” Luja will continue its success into the future.

In Finnish culture, the work ethic is based on honesty and fairness. At Luja, operations are guided by ethics, social responsibility and Luja’s values have held their ground for more than 60 years. High quality and respect for the customer are Luja’s core business principles.

Luja’s values

Luja reports its financial responsibilities, looks after its employees and acts in a way that preserves the environment. A particularly high level of attention is paid to occupational health and safety. A safe and injury-free workplace for employees is the company’s top priority.

The natural environment and its protection are very important. Many of the innovations are based on energy and material efficiency, quality and durability, i.e. factors that protect the environment and save financial resources. The same principles apply in all countries in which Luja operates.