Building together

Lujatalo Oy is a versatile building contractor with experience in the construction of residential, commercial and public buildings such as apartment buildings, shopping centres, business parks, schools and hospitals. Since 1970, Lujatalo has grown to be one of the most reputable construction companies in Finland.

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Better surfaces

After the 1970s’ boom in construction, the industry began developing new production techniques by designing and coating concrete structures with a greater variety of techniques and colours. Lujabetoni also invested heavily in research and development. In 1984, Fescon Oy was established in order to continue the extensive research.

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The Strongest in Concrete

Lujabetoni was founded 70 years ago and has remained one of the largest family- owned businesses in Finland, now being run by the third generation. The company’s annual turnover is EUR 211 million and it employs more than 1,000 concrete professionals. Lujabetoni operates in Finland and Sweden and has 27 factories.

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Luja in a nutshell


Luja was founded by Feliks Isotalo on 16 November, 1953. Today, Luja is a third generation Finnish family business.


Luja's annual turnover is EUR 781 million. We are one of the largest construction companies in Finland.

1 700

Our company employs more than 1 700 competent professionals. We strive to be the best employer in the industry.

Lujatalo Oy

Lujatalo Oy is a reliable and versatile building contractor with experience and know-how in the construction of both residential and commercial buildings.

Lujabetoni Oy

Lujabetoni Oy provides solutions and services for the construction industry with an extensive product line of ready-mixed concrete and concrete products in Finland, as well as in the Stockholm region in Sweden.

Fescon Oy

After the 1970s boom in the construction market, Fescon Oy was established to continue Luja's extensive R&D in concrete additives.

Luja contacts

If you require further information or material about Luja, please contact Communications Manager Paula Lahdenperä, tel. +358 (0)44 5852749, paula.lahdenpera@luja.fi

Contact information for the different Luja companies:

Lujatalo Oy, tel +358 20 789 5111
Lujabetoni Oy, tel. +358 20 789 5500
Lujabetong AB, tel. +8-504 106 65
Fescon Oy, tel +358 20 789 5900

The Luja Corporation in brief

Luja is a third generation family-owned business and has been operating in the construction industry for 70 years. Today, Luja is one of the largest construction companies in Finland with more than 1,700 employees and an annual revenue of EUR 781 million. The Luja Corporation comprises three companies: the building and construction expert Lujatalo Oy, concrete product manufacturer Lujabetoni Oy and cement-based dry product manufacturer Fescon Oy. Lujabetoni Oy has a subsidiary Lujabetong Ab in Sweden.

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The history of Luja

Luja was founded by Feliks Isotalo on 16 November, 1953. He had accumulated experience and expertise in concrete while previously acting as Managing Director and owner of a cement foundry in Nurmes, Finland. The new cement foundry, which was opened in Siilinjärvi, was not only built on its founder's know-how but also on the extensive gravel and sand reserves in the region and the town's excellent logistics location. Feliks Isotalo developed his enterprise with an ear for the customers' needs and faith in his gut feeling. Lujabetoni soon found itself a pioneer and driving force for the entire industry.

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